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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Hammer & Heart? 

A local nonprofit that provides urgent home repairs to lower-income families who are financially unable to maintain their home in a safe condition.


What is an URGENT Home Repair?

Issues that make the home unsafe or unlivable: roof leaks, electrical hazards, heating problems, leaky plumbing, accessibility concerns, or other conditions that may be a hazard to the homeowner. These are the only types of repairs we address.


What Types of Home Repair Are You Unable to Address?

Typically, we are unable to address non-urgent issues. These include regular maintenance concerns (house cleaning, leaf raking, gutter cleaning, grass cutting, etc.) or issues that do not present a hazard to the homeowner (aesthetic repairs, drywall repair, appliance repair, etc.).


​​Who is Eligible for Help?

Residents of the Swannanoa Valley (Ridgecrest, Black Mountain, Swannanoa) who own and occupy the home in need of repair; have a household income that does not exceed 50% of Buncombe County's median income ($25K for one household member); and have an urgent repair need. Elderly, disabled, and single-parent households are given priority.


​​Who Does the Repair Work?

H&H matches projects to private contractors or volunteer teams who can provide quality home repairs. 


How Much Does It Cost?

We seek to partner with the homeowner to address their repair need. We will ask the homeowner to provide resources—financial resources, labor, or otherwise—where they are able. Eligible homeowners will not be denied assistance if they have no resources to offer.


​Do All Who Apply Receive Assistance?

No. Receiving assistance is based on the availability of funding, urgency of need, eligibility, and special-needs factors.


How Do I Apply?

Visit our website,, or call us at 828-803-1802 and request an application.


​​Is Hammer & Heart a nonprofit organization?

Yes, we are a 501c(3) organization. Our efforts are overseen by a board, a director manages our operations and volunteers provide support. All donations are tax-deductible.


​​How Can I Support the Efforts of Hammer & Heart?

  • Financial donations are essential to our efforts. Without funding, we are unable to provide home repairs. 
  • Local contractors help us stretch dollars by providing discounts on their services.

  • Volunteers play a critical role by providing labor on small projects, raising funds, assisting with administrative tasks and working with our clients.

  • Tell us about neighbors who have urgent repair needs.


​​How Do I Volunteer?

Fill-out a brief volunteer application. On the application, you’ll be given an opportunity to tell us how you’d like to help, share your skills and let us know your availability.


​​How Can My Company Help?

Businesses can support us financially, provide volunteers and refer clients. If you are a local contractor, you can provide discounts on your services. Let us know your availability by filling-out a Contractor Application online.


​How Do I Donate to Hammer & Heart?

Click the donate button in the menu and give via Credit Card or PayPal. You may also send a check directly to PO Box 577, Black Mountain, NC 28711.

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