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Project Options

If you or your company decide to consider a project (thank you!), you have 3-options:

  1. Treat it as a normal job. Provide a quote, and we if accept your bid, we pay full-price for your labor.

  2. Provide a quote... and offer a discount in labor or materials. Your discount helps us serve more clients with the funds we've raised.

  3. Provide a quote... and offer to do the work Pro Bono as a gift to the community.

We want Hammer & Heart to be a win-win for our community - providing needed home repairs and needed income for local contractors. We don't always choose the cheapest quote or the company that offers a discount. We are interested in connecting the right craftsman to the family in need. Pick the option that suites your companies best interests. We are grateful for your willingness to get involved!

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Current Contractor Needs

We are constantly in need of skilled tradesman... folks who can help us meet the needs of the most vulnerable in our community. Please click on a photo below to find out more about a specific project. If you or your company are interested, we ask that you contact us by email and set-up an appointment (see below). We'll meet you at the home and review the specifics of what is needed.

Needs New Roof


No roof overhang on concrete stucco home, water damage on framing and interior.


Get in touch with Hammer & Heart

Contact us using the adjacent form or email us at

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