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Sourwood Festival

Saturday, August 12 - Sunday, August 13

Description of Event

The Sourwood Festival is an annual arts and crafts fair held in downtown Black Mountain. The festival is the premier event of the summer, offering incredible craftsman, great music, yummy food, and a lot of rubbing shoulders.

Our Booth

We set up a booth at the Sourwood Festival for 4 reasons:

  1. Exposure - Locals (and foreigners) find out about the needs in our community.

  2. Volunteers - Once folks find out about what we're doing, they get excited about helping out.

  3. Facetime - It's helpful for folks to put a face on the nonprofit they've heard about, or are thinking about supporting.

  4. Fundraising - We keep a pickle jar out front so folks can contribute.


What You'll be Expected to Do

  • Hang out at the booth. Our new tent (with shade!) will be set up with chairs, cold drinks, flyers, photos, candy, sticky notes, pens and banners

  • Be friendly.

  • Be available to answer questions (we'll have an FAQ sheet for you).

  • If asked, share what we do. Flyers will be available if folks are interested in a handout.

  • Offer a T-shirt if folks sign-up to Volunteer.

  • Thank them for their interest.

No public speaking skills are required, just explain in your own words what we are trying to accomplish. 

Sign-up to work at the Hammer & Heart Booth!

Manning the booth is quite fun. You'll meet lots of people, see friends and enjoy the festival atmosphere. We need volunteers to sign-up for 2 hours time slots. If we fill all the slots for Saturday and Sunday, we'd be happy to have 2-volunteers per shift. All volunteers should wear an H&H T-shirt (provided).

Please fill-out the form below, pick a time slot and click "Sign-Up."

Let us know if you have any questions.  Thank you!

The Hammer & Heart Team                         

Sourwood Festival Sign-Up
Thanks for Signing Up!
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