Our Mission

"To provide urgent home repairs to neighbors of the Swannanoa Valley who are financially unable to maintain their homes in a safe or livable condition."

On a practical level, we strive to:

  1. Alleviate any housing conditions which pose an imminent threat to the life or safety of very low-income homeowners (often, the elderly or disabled).

  2. Provide accessibility modifications and urgent repairs that may prevent the homeowner from staying in their home.


Unlike Home Preservation (Habitat For Humanity's home repair division which provides financial loans and volunteer labor to meet any home repair need), we serve individuals and families who have urgent repair needs and are unable to afford the cost of the repair. We meet the need by raising funds/securing grants, then offering free materials and professional labor to qualifying residents, at no cost to the homeowner.

This strategy allows us to address urgent repairs (repairs that may be hazardous to the welfare of the homeowner), respond nimbly to urgent needs (i.e. leaky roofs or plumbing issues) and remove the financial burden for the financially at-risk.


Our Core Values

By defining our values, we clarify what is important to us as an organization and how we want to serve our patrons, volunteers and donors. Our values also help potential supporters decipher what motivates us.

  • We care for our neighbors in need.

  • We treat our patrons with respect, generosity and kindness.

  • We are passionate about practical, timely solutions.

  • We value the time and effort of professionals who provide repairs and we will offer reasonable compensation for their labor.

  • We appreciate the labor and finances of our volunteers and donors, and we will show appreciation in a timely and sincere manner.

  • We strive for excellence and efficiency in all we do.

  • We support the use of green materials and recycling.

  • We value team effort and camaraderie.

  • We are an apolitical/inclusive organization and believe everyone has something to contribute.

  • We are passionate about integrity, reliability and quality/durable craftsmanship.

  • Above all, we are obsessed with helping our neighbors.

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Our Board and Director


Board Chair

Tim Blekicki

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Board Secretary

Sara Pizano



Fran Leahy


Executive Director

Ben Fortson


Our Advisory Board

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Patty Hall


Dana Choquette


Mark Mullert

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Paul Ginther

Brad Daniel