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Completed Home Rep​air and Ramp Project

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Sally Milton* loves her home of 23-years. It’s comfortable, familiar, just what she needs. 

Widowed and retired, Sally’s social security and state retirement check meet her immediate needs—food, medical supplies, a mortgage payment, utilities—but her home is aging and in need of attention. Attention she can’t afford. 

At 72, Sally has difficulty getting around. Her knees have been a problem for years. Complicating the issue, her double-wide home utilizes 3-sets of steps and landings… once doable, but these days, more of an obstacle course. As old as the home, her steps are rotting, uneven, falling-apart, dangerous.

Partially shaded, her home is also growing a layer of mold, rotting her fascia boards and discoloring her siding. Then there’s the issue of her roof. Over 25-years old and missing 60-plus shingles, it is in desperate need of attention.

Along with an antiquated and inefficient heating system, these are expensive issues to ignore. Not only because they place Sally in danger, but if not addressed, they may ruin her home.


Through generous donations of cash and labor, Hammer & Heart has been able to replace Sally's rotted stoop, build an accessibility ramp, repair damaged fascia and clean her siding.

Volunteers will be working in the spring to stain her ramp and back stoop.

"Hammer and Heart has done a great job on my home and has the nicest volunteers who know what they are doing.  Everyone was professional and kind. My favorite repair was the new landing and steps to the back yard. Before H&H replaced it, there was a gap of several inches between the door, and an old landing that was on its last legs and prefab stairs that were not the right height and had no railings.  I was always worried me or my dog would be hurt. Now, my dog goes flying out his doggie door and down the stairs to explore his yard and greet visitors."

Your gifts made a huge difference for Sally (and her dog!). Thank you!

Thanks to Black Mountain Solutions, Sherwin Williams, We-Haul Dumpsters, Black Mountain Handyman and volunteers Judd Dougherty and Nancy McLaughlin!

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* Names have been changed to protect the privacy of those we are serving. 

You may give online via PayPal or credit card; or mail your check to:

Hammer & Heart

PO Box 577

Black Mountain, NC 28711 

All gifts are tax-deductible

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Questions about donations or volunteering with H&H? Contact us at

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