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Hammer & Heart provides urgent home repairs to neighbors of the Swannanoa Valley who are financially unable to maintain their home in a safe or livable condition.

The Need


The Need


Hidden among the majestic mountains and beautiful vistas of the Swannanoa Valley are neighbors in need—an elderly woman who is unable to enter or exit her home safely, her steps rotted and missing rails; a family of six with inadequate heating, their HVAC system failed years ago; a disabled veteran who can no longer bathe in his own home, the  bathroom floor rotted by leaky pipes.

Approximately 15% of the Swannanoa Valley population lives below the poverty level, many of whom live in substandard housing. Struggling to afford necessities, these neighbors are also challenged by the cost of home ownership and general maintenance. Unable to adequately care for their home, these residents may live in harsh or unsafe conditions; conditions that threaten their well-being.


About Us


Hammer & Heart is dedicated to keeping low-income neighbors safe and healthy in their homes. Focusing on a unique need in the Swannanoa Valley community, we serve a populationoften the elderly and disabledthat may face life-threatening consequences if their housing problems are not addressed. Learn more about our mission and our team.

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Get Involved

Get Involved


Hammer & Heart is a community-based nonprofit organization. We rely on the generosity and skills of Swannanoa Valley residents to help those in need. There are numerous ways to get involved. 

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Read about our work in the community and learn how you can help us encourage and protect a Swannanoa Valley resident.

Request Assistance

Request Assistance

We address urgent home repairs for low-income residents of Swannanoa, Black Mountain and Ridgecrest. We define "urgent home repairs" as issues that may threaten the safety of the homeowner. These may include:

  • Significant water damage caused by a leaky roof or plumbing issues

  • Unsafe electrical issues

  • Ineffective heating systems

  • Accessibility concerns

  • Other conditions that present a hazard to the home owner

To determine if you or a neighbor are eligible, please click on the Request Assistance Button.

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Please Note: We are not an "Emergency Home Repair" organization. Our vetting process involves a thorough review of your situation, fundraising efforts, and coordinating volunteers and contractors. Patience is required. If you have an emergency repair need, please refer to our Partners page, where you may find a contractor who can address your need.


Hammer & Heart

PO Box 577

Black Mountain, NC 28711

You may give online via credit card or PayPal (or mail a check!)


See the Results
of your Gifts!

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Hammer and Heart is a Nonprofit 501(c)3 organization. Your gifts are tax deductible.


By contributing to H&H, you are making a critical investment in the well-being and safety of our community members. Your financial gift allows us to:

• Alleviate suffering

• Create safer home environments

• Improve property values for low-income homeowners

• Raise awareness of the needs in our community, and

• Foster a caring community that eagerly responds to its neighbors

Thank you for your generosity!  

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